Welcome to the R.I.C.H experience known as 3commasbeauty; the upcoming  beauty brand representing strong women who are motivated and independent with a goal. We empower women of all ages, colors, shapes or personal style. Our mission is to always rally women remain confident and have a vision of beauty within all aspects. 

We adore style and believe everyone should have access to beauty. Regardless of your budget we deliver the best products inspired by viral trends in the beauty industry. Our Beauty Babes know they can count on us when it comes to value for the worlds hottest arrivals.

We cater to anyone with a love for fashion, travel, beauty and ambition. It is our top priority to ensure that our #R.I.C.H-as-in-beauty community always feels confident and included. You’ll find that all that you need is here. The necessary products and resources for self-care represent our brand as a lifestyle is a huge area of dedication that 3CB focuses on. The impact we have can deliver for self care is important as we continue to expand. We are determined to revolutionize the game of beauty and fashion by being an all in one stop for all needs in this industry!