Beauty Vending Machine

Access the Beauty Product with the Click of a Button

Have you ever wished you could walk into your favorite department store and have all the beauty products on hand? Try our cosmetic vending machine to get your favorite beauty product. We pride ourselves on our talented and efficient staff, but if you want to access our beauty product with just a few clicks, our beauty vending machine is here to help you. You can use the touchscreen to select items, brands, and sizes and let the machine dispense for you.

Why choose a cosmetic vending machine to buy beauty products

Easy to Access

Our beauty vending machines are installed in various places such as malls and shopping complexes, allowing you to buy your favorite product 24*7 without hassle.

Wide range of products

Whether eyelashes, tresses, or accessories, our cosmetic vending machine can store up to 900 products of 50+ item categories. Which gives you enough options to choose a suitable product.

Product categorization

Our beauty vending machines are installed with six trays. Each tray contains various products from carefully selected brands, so customers don't just pay for convenience; they buy the best on the market.

Interactive Touch Screen

The interactive touch screen allows customers to interact with the machine and learn more about each product available for sale. You can watch videos, read product descriptions, scan QR codes, and more.