New Change Of Name For Our Brand

We've officially changed the name for a better brand! You can expect the same quality of customer service and products, the only thing that has changed is our name! We still stand for #Richbeauty Community, but we've made changes to be more aesthetic to what we represent! 

Our new name decision has been made based off the matter of what we are known for! Primarily we sell the best custom jewelry and is the best selling product in our store. This change is very small and doesn't change the concept of anything we do for our company and Rich Beauty babes.

You can expect to see all completed changes over the next 30 days. We will work effortlessly to update these changes to reflect on all of our branding, content, packaging, marketing and social media handles! Anything that doesn't reflect our new change in name will eventually be branded correctly. Please keep in mind when you purchase products at this current time it may reflect as "3Commasbeauty & hair" until our supplies with old branding is completed. All future inventory will reflect "3CB stamped or 3CommasJewels & Beauty"

Are web address and contact information is still same and we will still be referred to as "3CB/ 3Commasbeauty". We wanted to incorporate the 'Jewelry" part of a our brand with the attempt to be more authentic to our main features. 

If you have any questions about this change please reach out to us during customer service hours 6:00am-7:00pm by contact form.