Terms and Condition for all custom jewelry

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before deciding to purchase from 3CommasBeauty. All users of the site whom purchase any products for customization and personalized accessories/ jewelry are subject to the following terms and conditions and other applicable information in regards to expectation. If you DO NOT AGREE with terms and conditions for custom orders please do not process your payment for custom products.

All of our jewelry is custom manufactured care and takes time to create. Each piece is crafted to perfection. The custom order time can take 3-5 weeks. This means if you place an order for a custom jewelry piece you agree for customization process for 3-5 weeks and this does not include processing and shipment time. If you are interested in a piece that is currently on back order, we encourage you to select notification for back in stock to be notified when our team will start creation for that jewelry type/product.


At 3CommasBeauty, we make every effort to ensure that our online product photography and catalog is as accurate and complete as possible. In order to give you the opportunity to view our pieces in full detail, some pieces may appear larger or smaller than their actual size in our photographs; and since every computer monitor is set differently, size may vary slightly. On our site, we describe details of each piece based on our manufacturing specifications.


Each custom designed piece 3CommasBeauty distributes is guaranteed quality protecting against any defect resulting from its manufacture. Every piece is inspected after customization before shipment.

If it is determined that your jewelry/ customized accessory needs repair or maintenance due to damage on our behalf we will inspect damage and reissue necessary order. THIS DOES NOT MEAN WE TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR DAMAGE DURING SHIPMENT THROUGH DELIVERY CARRIER FAULT. Damage due on behalf of customer we are NOT RESPONSIBLE for. You must follow recommendations and Jewelry Care to prevent damage & wear and tear. If you do not comply with recommendations and Jewelry Care all claims of damage will be void for repair/replacement. 

If you lose your diamond/gemstones purchased due to our own manufacturer defect, we will inspect for verification. After verified inspection we will issue a replacement. This policy is only applicable for replacement of same order type and you will NOT receive a cash redemption or be able to exchange for a different order type/modifications to order claim. 

It is the customers responsibility to inform of damage/defect claim at first notice within 60 days. After 60 days we guaranteed jewelry is processed in perfect condition as inspected before delivery. No exceptions granted. This policy will remain in strict in compliance all records and proof of quality.

Any Jewelry damaged with abuse to the original quality will be void and not considered for a claim of damage/defect. Jewelry and Accessories must be free from modifications and alterations.


3CommasBeauty is committed to complete customer satisfaction. We pride in the quality and workmanship of our merchandise manufactured just for you and we are confident that you will be completely satisfied. Due to the nature of our custom jewelry/exclusive pieces, we do not offer returns and all orders are FINAL SALE. 3Commasbeauty Jewelry offers guarantee on any custom design jewelry, and we stand behind any piece that our custom design artists produce. 

3CommasBeauty reserves the right to cancel any custom design order due to unreasonable demands by the purchaser. Requests not listed under order details or incomplete information due to customer information will be cancelled with an attempt to notify customer.

Due to the intensive labor involved in custom design jewelry and the cost of materials, no refunds will be issued for any custom design work under any circumstance. This agreement serves that you have read these terms and understand. Which means that we will produce your jewelry according to the agreed-upon details as specified and notated on the order page that we before purchase.
You have 24 hours to contact us with any errors in regards to the customized name. After 24 hours we have already begun the process of creating you custom jewelry and there is no exceptions to any changes! This only applies to the custom name and not the design itself. If You can cancel your total design within 24 hours and prefer to purchase another design and we will refund you in the form of a store credit to repurchase necessary changes. The store credit will be refunded as a gift card that you can apply towards any purchase.